networkRecognizable? In any organisation there comes a moment when one needs to look back and ask: "Am I still where I want to be in the field of ICT?" Obviously, along the years new systems are added, existing systems updated and modified to adapt to new and ever evolving needs. This will in due time lead to a diverse landscape of systems, technologies and applications that are not always the best possible solution, in terms of current technology and business needs. Indeed, technologies emerge, evolve and ultimately mature or become obsolete. This is the situation any ICT professional sooner or later faces.

Sounds familiar? Yes, you need some help. Help from an outsider, aware of past and future technologies, who can assess your current situation, unhampered by any internal or historical attachments to define the way forward.

Why can I help you? I have been in the telecom business for over 30 years. I have seen many technologies emerge, which are now obiquitous. I've seen even more technologies disappear or become obsolete. As an ICT professional I have built a broad knowledge base over the years and I can offer expert, no-nonsense advice. If you need someone to provide you with a clear path amidst the hurdles of investigating, RFI, RFP, transition, transformation & deployment, then you have come to the right place. Who am I? - An engineer with a degree in micro-electronics - 30+ years expertise in telecom of which 20+ years in an engineering and operational environment and 9 years in a technical sales position. - ITIL, TOGAF, CCNA foundations/certifications - GDPR: DPO certified - Used at working on large accounts in a global and diverse environment with geograhically dispersed teams. - Focused on your business requirements and able to translate these into technical requirements