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  • Network Assessments

  • Assessing Your Network Needs, Planning, Developing and Transforming your network. Allowing 30+ years of expertise to guide you in determining your network needs and planning a seamless migration path towards a right-sized and up-to-date network that can address your communication needs in an agile way. Business Continuity guidance Regardless of the state of your network, are you prepared for outages? Can your systems deliver when the business needs it? You can get help in assessing the risk and mitigate issues before they actually hurt your business. Web presence guidance How to ensure optimal web presence, using industry-standard and proven technologies. Your web server is your visible presence on the internet, make sure your site is up and running and accessible all the time. Internet security The internet is a big multi-story building with many tenants, not all of which are friendly. Don't expose your company and customers to hackers and script-kiddies. Mobility It is the new trend. People are mobile and can remain online, even when traveling. Don't waste travel time, make good use of it. Cloud services Help you in determining how to set up cloud services. What can be safely moved to the cloud? What should you keep in house? What cloud providers to select from?


  • GDPR Assessments

  • how to get GDPR compliant.