Consent: A summary

What is consent?

Consent is the agreement to the processing (ie use) of personal data that is

  • freely given
  • specific (consent must be for specific purpose)
  • informed (let the user know in plain english who is processing what data and why).

it must be obvious what the data subject consents to.

How to get consent?

  • must be explicit, the user must take an action to give consent.
  • Consent by default (ie tick this box if you don't want data processed) is not possible.
  • no more opt-out's but only opt-in.

When can I use consent?

it is required (ie mandatory) in 3 area's

  • sensitive data
  • Automated decision-making
  • Trans-border data flow.


  • Age of consent may differ in different EU-states.
  • Reasonable efforts must be made to identify who has parental responsibility

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